Wednesday, 21 August 2013

LIC AAO Interview

Date 20 August 2013
Time: 12:30 pm
After having a rapid shots of continuous interviews of NHB and SBI and faring badly on these put me back to square one. I have even decided to sideline the LIC interview as I came across various reviews about the hectic job profile with low salary in comparison to SBI. Further various scholars (repeaters) have said that UPSC aspirants will not get time for preparation. Anyways I somehow gained courage and decided to go for the interview.
I was called at 12: 30 pm and I reached at 12 itself. The infrastructure was not very good. It was more of an old building losing its sheen and there was not much enthusiasm in the officers who were coming and going in hustle and bustle in the lift.
I have to board the lift to the fifth floor. I got into the lift and landed on the interview floor. Much to my dismay, only 2 students of the morning batch were done with their interviews. I felt disgusted but somehow managed to sit inside that waiting room,
My Interview started at around 5:00 pm. I entered the room. A panel of 3 members was there. All sexagenarian. (Those who do not know the meaning please restrain yourself from making lewd comments).
Me: May I come in, Sir.
Chairman: Yes please.
Me: Good evening to all of you, Sirs. (Chairman was busy looking into my bio-data form, did not pay any heed to my wishes. Come what may..!!! )
M1: Good evening. Please be seated.
Chairman: So, Mr. Sahil. Your Dad is in service. Which service he is in?
Me: Sir, he is principal, DAV College in Punjab.
Chairman: You are from Sirsa?
Me: Yes Sir, actually my mother is also working. So I stay with her.
Chairman: You completed your graduation in 2011. What were you doing from the past two years?
Me: I have been preparing for competitive exams. (A departure from the regular assertion that I am preparing for IAS)
Chairman: What exams have you given till now?
Me: Sir, National Housing Bank. State Bank of India, IAS prelims. (I restraint myself from mentioning more, though results were positive).
Chairman: So what are the outcomes?
Me: I was not able to clear the interview of the NHB and SBI. I cleared my IAS prelims and am waiting for my mains; which is to be held in December.
Chairman: So, you will go for IAS this year, what are your plans?
Me: Sir, actually I have not done with my optional yet. So there are scant chances that I will clear my mains. I am thinking of preparing for IAS in the next 2-3 years so that I can clear it in one go. (I lied)
Sir: Ok, ok. So you have long term plans. Great. (Pointed toward other member).
M1: So Sahil, What is the reason for the current problems of Indian economy?
Me: Sir the free fall of the rupee and high current account deficit.
M1: tell me reason for sudden slump in value of rupee and bourses
Me: The recent announcement of the Federal Reserve to taper its quantitative easing has impacted the value of rupee. Further the recent measures announced by RBI to contain the rupee depreciation like increasing MSF is also a factor. (Blank expression, he was expecting more).  Sir, the fly of the foreign equity investors to other countries. The increased speculation in the market.
M1: Ok, what has been done to control the situation?
Me: The measures announced by RBI like MSF to contain speculation in the rupee. The issuing of quasi sovereign bonds, increasing the tax on import of gold, opening other sectors for FDI, increased interest rate on NRI accounts. (He was still expecting more). Sir the easing of ECB norms and restriction on outflow limit of the banks and corporates. (I was running out of points). Sir that’s all.
M1: Why is this speculation and fall in the value of rupee with regard to Federal Reserve decision?
Me: Sir, the quantitative easing brought the cheap foreign money into Indian share market. Now as the Federal Reserve decided to water down its eased policy, funds will not be available easily.
M1: What are quasi sovereign bonds?
Me: Sir, these are generally issued by public sector banks and they  are only second in terms of security after government bonds. As they have the backing of the government indirectly, there is a least chance of default and low risk weighted.
Chairman: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Me: Sir I am the only child of my family.
M1: (he became aggressive out of nowhere and started rapid fire round) Who is the CJI?
Me: P..P...P Sath…Sir. P. Sathasivam.
M1: Chairman of planning commission
Me: Prime Minister manmohan singh
M1: Deputy Chairman
Me: Montek Singh Ahluwalia
M1: Governor?
Me: D. Subbarao.
M1: Governor designate
Me: Raghuram Rajan
M1: What was he doing before that?
Me: Sir, he was in foreign institution name of which I don’t remember.
M1: in which Indian department?
Me: Sir, Chief economic advisor, Prime min…..(stopped in between, I was about to say PMO) M1 replied: Hmmm, finance ministry. I repeated, yes finance ministry.
I am sorry but I forgot other questions.
M2: Sahil, tell me about threats to national integration?
Me: Sir, the religious extremism, growth of regional identities and divisive politics, balkanization of states, caste biases, socio economic and development biases. Sir terrorism and naxalism, north east insurgency.
M2: But they are the reason of regionalism. No??
Me: I think regionalism is somewhat fractured nationalism.
M2: You can also give example of China. No? It is also a threat to national integration.
Me: I am sorry sir but I cannot agree with you on this. It is threat to national security not integration.
M2: Ok and you did not mention communalism.
Me: Sir religious extremism is communalism itself. (replied in humble tone, others nodded).
M2: Hmmm, right. Acha, have you heard about a regional dispute between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. What is it about?
Me: (I forgot the specific name of the dam though have read theses on that topic). Sir, the dispute is related to a dam, the name of which I cannot recall. Tamil Nadu contends for the increase of the water level from 136ft to 142 ft. However Kerala is opposing it as it will not be safe to increase water level as it will be seismologically unsafe and the dam may collapse…..
M2: (Stopped in between) Kerala is contending that instead of this dam a new dam should be formed. But Tamil Nadu is opposing it as it will deprive its people of the irrigation water provided by that dam. Further it is on lease to TN and any act to circumvent will made Kerala a major player.(explained thoroughly)
Me: Yes Sir (I was keenly listening to him as I noticed that M1 was noticing my reaction. I nodded my head with every point he told me, It helped me to understand the topic also).
M2: What else?
Me: Sir , the supreme court appointed committee headed by A.S. Anand has recommended the increase of water level and held that dam is hydrologically and siesmologically safe.
M2: Yes. (He was satisfied).
Chairman: So, you are an engineer. (ohhh, Gosh. Finally he came to know about it. I pleaded god that there should not be any technical question- am an average engineer from an average college).
Me: Yes, Sir
Chairman: what were your subjects?
Me: Sir, antenna and wave propagation, field and wave, Digital electronics, Microwave, wireless communication, VLSi and others (I mentioned 5-6 more)
Chairman: What is the difference between a ICs and VLSi?
Me: Sir, VLSI is very large scale integrated circuited consisting of capacitors, resistors, diodes, ICs etc on a very minute scale. While ICs are the integrated chips which are the heart and soul of a VLSI circuit and is programmable. What is to be performed by the circuit has to be inputted through ICs (he was nodding his head continuously.)
Chairman: Anything you want to ask.
Me: (After bit thinking). No Sir
Reviews came side by side. Member 1 changes his tone: Sahil, you should brush up more as you are going to appear for mains. You fared very good and provided some very good points but more needs to be done as ‘mains’ is very tough competition.
Me: I will definitely, Sir.
Chairman: Do you know about the job profile?
Me: A bit Sir.
Chairman: Are you ready for placement anywhere in India?
Me: Yes, Sir.
Chairman: Ok, Thank you Mr. Sahil. All the best for your future endeavors.
Me: Thank You, Sir. (I left).


  1. Siddharth here: Your post will really help those who are preparing for similar exams.Great that u remembered every question.When are you expecting the result?

  2. you will be defiantly IN

  3. hello sahil,howz the result
    and please suggest books for quant and DI

    1. The best is to solve various papers after going through the basics from R.S.Aggrawal.
      Kiran Publication offers one stop solution as it contains 50-60 papers. It will help increase sped and accuracy and also diverse questions asked

  4. hello sahil sir
    mayur here
    i just crack lic aao exam plz can u guide me what to preap and from where plz

    1. Hello Mayur and others, There is only one thing in interview: personality. How you answer their questions and how do you react. Mostly the questions will be asked on you academics, previous employment and other things like hobbies/ achievement etc. I wish you all the very best for your interview

  5. Hello Sahil sir..i have interview in LIC AAO.and i have no idea about how to prepare for this interview.also this is my last chance so i am bit nervous.please sir guide me

  6. Hello Sahil sir..i have interview in LIC AAO.and i have no idea about how to prepare for this interview.also this is my last chance so i am bit nervous.please sir guide me

  7. hello Sahil sir,
    I am shotlisted for Lic aao interview.I am also an engineer and like you preparing for state civil services from last 2-3 years but not yet cracked any pre.Sir please guide me for my interview preparation..wating for your reply.
    Thank you.

  8. Hello sahil sir ,
    I am shortlisted for lic aao interview ..this is my first
    interview .I dont know how to prepare....I studied mtech (vlsi).
    From last 2 years I am preparing for bank jobs ..but I didn't cleared any exam.please help me sir how to prepare for this interview...