Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Much Awaited Revolution

I have an ambition. Ambition of becoming an administrative officer. Studying for this itself invigorate a sense of patriotism towards the country and belonging to ones country’s people. When I think about the problems faced by India as a country or as a nation or as a society or as a diverse multi-cultural state, I find myself in limbo. The political, social , cultural and every single structure is facing a problem due to caste, political apathy, illiteracy and educational challenges , regional imbalances in development, regionalism and parochialism,  surreptitious acts of government and complete dependence on foreign magnanimity, economic havoc etc.
The other day I was watching a news channel in which Manmohan Singh (the coveted though puppet PM) advocated that India achieved an average growth rate of 8.2% in 8 years of UPA rule. I wondered how this growth rate has compromised the interest of more than 80% of the population of India. Most of the growth was the result of funds generated through World Bank and Other international banks for the developmental purpose. I am not talking about the budget expenditure because domestic budget is for the welfare of IPL (Indian political leaders) and not for the aam aadmi. The political class cutting across party lines, regions, ideology came together on a recent decree of CIC advocating accountability of the parties to the public. They even gave a thought of repealing the law itself or creating changes in order to sideline the ruling. The Financial autonomy is denied to CBI despite of a lot of hue and cry over the issue. Many Scams surfaced ranging from games to gates (even greater than India gate) and many criminals got into political fray everyday without any fear of penal action. Still the political class boasts of getting success in the upcoming general elections. A women monarch at the helm of affairs, knowing little about the culture, about the national language, about the grass root problems is controlling everything and anything. The food security ordinance is passed completely based on vote bank politics still no substantial voice from the public. A student from 5th class cannot read the syllables of 1st class still India has provided right to education to all at primary level with no retention, no teachers, no quality education and no schooling infrastructure. India has one of the largest education cum feeding program still more than 42 percent children are malnourished. Women are raped; they are subject to extreme exploitation still no one cares. Different laws are cased in the law book only for the sake of reading without implementation. Disaster strikes and people feel apprehensive of providing relief because of a mindset that even the relief fund will be routed for the gratification of political whims and fancy. The apathy of the police and nexus between different unscrupulous interests has proved any change, futile. The false consciousness has been injected to every section of the society and it became so pervasive that no social revolution has been initiated till now. It is right that external colonialism has been replaced by internal colonialism.
Marx pointed out that the workers should come together to overthrow the ruling capitalist bourgeoisie for creating a just and equitable socialist society. I must say that the middle class should change its mentality of maintaining status-quo and come out together to overthrow the ruling class for a better future. Many eruptions in the form of protests without any institutional support happened in Middle East called as Arab Spring or Jasmine Revolution. India requires its own Lotus Spring or Tiger revolution.

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