Friday, 20 September 2013

Brief Contributions of Teg Bahadur Sapru

Teg Bahadur Sapru was an eminent jurist and   Indian nationalist. He was an active player during INM through his liberal approach. His views on nationalism were in sharp contrast with congress whether moderates or extremists or swarajists and also Muslim league and to propagate this he established liberal party.
He believed that Indian Nationalism should be based on Self government under the British rule, through constitutional means. He did not believe in swaraj as he thought that India is yet not prepared for independence. So he did not support non cooperation movement or quit India movement that believed in overthrowing British rulers. Therefore, he participated in legislative council elections and demanded more constitutional reforms through petitions and memorandums. He also acted as a mediator between government and nationalists and Gandhi and Ambedkar. He was also against the partition of India and wanted to establish a federal government.
However his views did not hold water due to growing resentment among people and rise of revolutionary activities. His liberal party lacked popular support and was more intellectual biased who did not take into account the popular sentiments, grass root resentment and feelings

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