Saturday, 26 October 2013

Constitution and Social Change

Constitution is a living document in the sense that it perceives social transformation through various flexible mechanism and provisions according to the need and aspirations of the people. About 100 C.A.Act testify this.
Amartya Sen considers that constitution initiates and perpetuates social change which can be gauged from freedom of speech and expression, provision for safeguarding interest of minorities, SCs and STs and education for all. It acknowledged development ideology of socialism and equitable distribution.
Rajni Kothari indicates that Constitution provided for multi party parliamentary democracy in India. It has contributed for political socialization through establishment of PRIs, division of power etc and thus contributed for social change in India.
Gail Omvedt considers that constitution provided for emancipation of dalits and subsequently gave rise to initiation of dalit consciousness for the development inclusive society.
Indian constitution provides for protection of women. It advocates for special provisions for acceleration of welfare of children. It provides for planned development through its DPSP for equitable distribution of wealth among various sections of society

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