Saturday, 26 October 2013

Development Displacement

Development displacement is regarded as product of indistrialisation, globalization and carry social dimensions. Manorajan Mohanty points out that it a form of distress migration which leads to growth of bonded and agricultural laborers which suffer from lack of access to basic facilities, education, low wages and grim health conditions and has curtailed the voice of voiceless.
V. Xaxa indicate that it has led to change in the tribal community structure and contributed for detribalization, deculturation and forced eviction from the land and forests which carry cultural and religious dimensions in life of tribals.
Utsa Patnaik considers that development displacement has contributed for breakdown of family. Women and children became vulnerable as men moved out for work to urban areas. It has also contributed for the rise of women headed households.

It can be advocated that though Nehru-Mahalanobis techniques promised trickle down impact of development, it has led to displacement which contributed for depeasantization, acceleration of poverty, marginalization, disarticulation and despair leading to rise of people’s movement in different pockets of country.


  1. Hi Sahil,

    Wonderful answer. However did you write the sociology answers in the same pattern in Mains? I mean, I find it extremely difficult to remember the name of so many thinkers and their opinions on different subjects. Did you use so many of them in your actual answers?

    1. An explanation shall be there. u can use upto three scholars but not more than that if question is of 10 marks or 15. Remember that there is some basic premise on which all theories are developed and understand that

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