Saturday, 26 October 2013

Religious Revivalism and Fundamentalism with Contemporary Context

When RR is based on religious upheaval, fundamentalism is an extreme form of ideology and it is more than a religious concept. Globalization has accelerated the rise of consumerism, individualism and questioned religion and provided for pluralist societies driven by distinctive religions.
Globalization created an apprehension in mind of different communities about their survival and hence they are going for reproduction of children or mass killing of other group. Robert Browney considers that RR and Fundamentalism has led to rejection of women rights to abortion in case of catholic state, denial of livelihood rights to minorities in case of Israel and in case of India, acceleration of communal violence.
TN Madan points out that it is a form of symbolic exhibition. It enforces its power through ban of books and questions to art, literature, debate and discussions. Thus spirit of science is questioned and aesthetic and rational thinking is suppressed.
They have contributed for ethnic conflicts in western countries and attacks on religious minorities, difference of opinion in construction of temples in Russia, and demands for creation of religious institutions by one community by demolition of institution of other community. It has created suspicious interpersonal relations among different communities. People of one community are looked down upon as aliens and their fundamental rights are violated, they are confined into preventive detentions. Parties formulate policy based on ideology of a community to win votes.
Feminist point out that woman suffers the greatest risk from RR and fundamentalism. They are raped, killed and shot in head for their progressive views or abstained from driving cars and wearing western cloths.

Therefore RR and fundamentalism has a wider gamut of social impact on every structure and more world go for modernization and integration, more religious revivalism will gain prospect.

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