Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Evergreen Books for Prelims and Mains examination of UPSC Civil Services

UPSC offers a diverse and distinctive questions from various areas in the prelims and mains examination. However there are certain books are must be relied upon in any case as they are very important for conceptual understanding of the subjects. As UPSC is moving towards more basics and opinion based upon those things, it is necessary to follow these books.

For Modern Indian History
1. India's Struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra (Click here)
2. Modern Indian history by Bipin Chandra (Click here)
3. Indian Since independence by Bipin Chandra (Click here)

For Indian Culture
1. Indian Culture by Spectrum/ NCERT (Click here)

For Polity
1. Indian Polity by Laxmikant (Click here)
2. Indian Polity by Sriram IAS Academy

For Economics
1. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Click here)
2. Indian Economy by Sriram IAS Academy

For Geography
1. NCERT 11th and 12th (Click here)
2. Certificate Physical and Human Geograhy by Goh Cheng Leong (Click here)
There are various books on ecology and environment and are of much importance looking into the fact that Indian Forest Service exam is same as that of Civil Service. So, there is a need for special emphasis on that.

For Environment and Ecology
1. Shankar IAS notes- As Recommended by many
2. Majid Hussain (Click Here)
3. PD Sharma (CLick Here)

For Science
1. NCERT/ S. Chand of Class X

P.S. : The list of in-comprehensive and is not exhaustive. It is based upon my experience with books. Readers can take guidance from other sources as well.


  1. Thank you for sharing ur experience.

  2. Do the Reading of NCERT Books from Std VI - XII is neccesary for History,Geography, Science

    1. Not necessary as such for modern history as these books will suffice. For science Xth class would be enough as they don't ask much of basics. But still if not all some shall be referred for better understanding

    2. Thanks ! ! Sahil ... But for Indian history in Ancient, Medieval Times we need to refer XI & XII History isnt it right...Or else any other books available for that ??

    3. NCERT would be a better option

  3. Hi.... please share sociology books list..as far as i searched IGNOU notes i found it to not to be enough according to syllabus of upsc and also not find books that could cover whole syllabus of sociology hardly one topic covers in book... i cant take any coaching or afford to live in so called mecca of upsc...
    kindly reply please...

    1. There is no book list but u can refer to various notes from postal coaching

  4. many thanks....iam confused between socialogy and philosoophy to opt as an optional ..since my interest is in philosophy looking to opt it .but i did not find any guidance and approach to it ..i stay in hyderabad ,i cannot afford coaching,do self study ..help in this regard with ur suggestions ,strategies and any sources which can help overcome the unavailabilty of guidance and evaluation ...books to be referred .

    1. I am sorry, but i don't know anything about philosophy

  5. hey...i want to know the books of ethics?

  6. ethics can be read from course material of any institute .

  7. Hii....plz share something related to RBI grade b exam...

  8. Will you suggest any notes for Marathi literature???

  9. sir plzz guide how to start preparation for upsc 2017. i have jst started from ncert and insight doing self study as i am preparing for bank also since 2 years. should i buy insight test series now or after completing basic books

  10. Amazing tips share, Its great information proving me.
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