Friday, 31 October 2014

Celebrating a Divided Unity : Ekta Divas

The day is here, 31st Oct 2014. The government has decided to celebrate the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas i.e. National Unity Day. But looking at the various historical and contemporary happenings, I somewhere doubt about whether we will remain a nation of nations or will ever be converged on a common theme of nationalist identity that is above the primordial identities such as religion, caste, political vendetta, race, ethnicity.
India share a distinctive cultural consciousness, its population is divided on the basis of language, religion, culture, ethnicity or regionalism. Except the common history of colonial exploitation, there is hardly any other thing on which we have common consciousness of belonging to a nation. The date is the same day on which our former PM was shot dead. It is the same day on which mass killings happened in the by-lanes of New Delhi, which was marked by blood, violence, rapes etc. It is the same day on which enmity on basis of religion was manifested and Still, we are a Rashtra without Rashtrahit. Do we really care about still other coming from diverse background. Gandhiji once said to British "Leave India in God's hands or in modern parlance to anarchy. Then all parties will fight like dogs or will, when responsibility faces them, come to a reasonable agreement". Though the context was different, timing was different and idea was different, but that Utopian agreement has taken new turns post-independence. We are still fighting like cat and dogs but not against other but our own people.
When you look around in different directions and newspaper, we find not Ekta but Anekta and that too a violent one. This does not need a substantiate argument as it can be gauged from the fact that there is rise of regionalism and demand of new states which are ethnic in origin, rise of son of the soils theory, mass exodus of north-east people or their exploitation and racial attacks on them in New Delhi. We are facing various caste based violence in various states, communal violence has been institutionalized in various states and their has been rise in suspicion. Ideology of "Love Jihad " is profoundly found everywhere which is exaggerated. North-east itself has become a hot-spot for boundary dispute between states, killings which are ethnic and political. But still we celebrate the Unity day without we as a United Nation. We tend to give it political colours but do not want to provide a colorful life to people which is not marked by colour of blood. We advocate for different kinds of structure, memorials but we do not have space for people and thus there has been rise of slums. We tend to collect metal for creating structure, create parks for ideologue but do not have money to compensate those who have suffered from communal violence and provide justice.

“Our tradition teaches tolerance; our philosophy preaches tolerance; our Constitution practices tolerance; let us not dilute it.” -                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                    Justice Chinnappa Reddy

It is time that we, as a person practice tolerance . I think it is time for we, not as a collective being but as an individual pledge not to indulge, promote, incite such activities,  but also act as beavers to stop this injustice. There is much more in a nation which not only stands united when we win world cup, medals or any kind of disaster strikes. A nation is one where we are driven by a humanistic approach towards our fellow beings and not by his/her caste or religion or the colour of skin. Only then we will be able to celebrate a Truely Ekta Diwas 

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