Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Make in/ Made by India

Past six months have witnessed a stream of schemes that are aimed at cleaning India to making India to faking India at various domestic and international events. Well, the one thing that caught my eye is much touted “Make in India” that aims to provide a manufacturing boost to the economy. Manufacturing sector is always considered as the growth engine of the economy and this can be gauged by China’s domination in every product manufacturing and its dumping potential that even threaten the western intellectuals.


The government called upon the multi-national companies to invest in manufacturing sector through the exclusive red carpet that would be more shiny then that of Cannes and more transparent and smooth then the screen guards of smartphones (transparent and smooth in context of getting license and setting business). Well, the move is somewhere to counter the China’s manufacturing items that has infested to each and every household in India ranging from electronics products to deepawali diyas. But the scheme is nothing but Old Wine in a New Bottle and will not be able to make any change except the cosmetic ones. China is today a leading manufacturer and is construed to be a world power but because it is independent with regard to economic policies. No country can be expected to be a free bird from the shacked globalized order without being a sense of confidence in itself. This comes out of the fact that a country’s growth is measured by, how many countries are looking forward, not to invest but to seek investment. The status is defined not by how much you get/earn but by, how much you can give whether through altruistic ideology or through paternalistic attitude if individual and self-interest.
I never understood why it is “Make in India” and not “Made by Indians”. Today what China has witnessed is not the magnanimity of foreign powers or MNCs, but its self-reliant and capability to earn. Like the respect and trust needs to be earned, so is the growth through the hard work and consistent failures. India doesn't need any “Make in India” scheme that offers more benefits to foreign companies that what it does for Indians. There is a need to develop indigenous talent and expertise in manufacturing that comes out of growth of a new breed to individual ready to take risk and supported by government effort in a free and fair environment without bureaucratic hurdles and politics of trade unions and associations.
In addition to that, not only supply side, demand side must also be looked upon. There has been rise in consumerism or affluenza among the new born middle class and upper class. This ideology, more through the new door step shopping has increased the cravings of those just like the blood craves the lion when one smells it for the first time. Indian products are not sold at these platforms or there is psychic state that what is western is good or what is branded is awesome but not what is generic. There is need to change that thinking whether the protectionist attitude or change in policies to coerce sellers through the use of policies. Raw material must be extracted by swadeshi firm, processed and manufactured by desi company and sold to videshis as well. Only then can we expect anything substantial.


  1. your thinking is superb with this regard..hope our govt. could think this way .made by Indians should have been the theme .

    1. Yes, there is need for this. Swadeshi

  2. but ya i dont know if i could not comprehend but where you have mentioned provision of fair environment with bureaucratic hurdles(but anything with hurdle is unsafe?)

  3. I will beg your pardon because here I’m going to take opposite stand, whatever you have said in the context of Swadeshi and Made by Indians. For achieving the common goal,it doesn’t necessitate to follow same path just because someone else(China) has followed this path; especially in the context of India, it’s not feasible. India’s growth mechanism and means to achieve this, is totally different from that of China. We can’t just copy Chinese model of Swedeshi style growth for manufacturing sector, taking cue from the depth of globalization in today’s world along with India’s commitment in different International organizations. And why should only some fortunate Indian corporate should be benefited from this “Make in India” movement? Why should we limit the scope of this initiative, which looks promising if not revolutionary, to only selected people and why it should not foster skilled Indian Manpower by leveraging global acumen and investment ?